What to Know If You Are an Amateur Swinger

There are a lot of things that you should know if you are an amateur swinger. The swinger lifestyle is one that is not for everybody. If you are interested in swinging or if you are only doing it for your partner you need to make sure that you understand a few things first. There are a lot of people that try swinging and then immediately hate it because they had a bad experience. Here is what you should know to keep this from happening to you.

Starting Slow

It is always a good idea for you to start slow. This is something that is going to help prevent you from having an experience that can scar you from swinging all together. Try to make sure that you are honest with the people that you swing with. Let them know that you are new to it. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody started at some point. You will need to let them know that you are new so that they won’t overwhelm you. Many swingers actually enjoy being with first time swingers.

With a Partner

A lot of the time, new swingers will have partners. This is something that you may want to try together as a couple to spice up your sex life or just see what all the fuss is about. You may also want to have a safe word or a look or signal that you can give each other that will let the other know that you need to leave.

How to Dress For an Erotic Swingers Party

A lot of people do not know how to dress for an erotic swinger’s party. This is something that is going to be pretty easy whenever you stop and think about it. There are a lot of people that will try to go out of their way to dress overly sex and will end up being uncomfortable the whole night or will have a really difficult time getting undressed. Here are a few things to consider whenever you are dressing for an erotic swinger’s party.

Dressing for Comfort

It is important that whatever you are wearing that you are comfortable in it. You don’t want to wear something that you always have to tug and pull at just to look good in it. Wear something that is effortless and that is going to be comfortable for you to be in. Whenever you wear something that is comfortable, then you will be a lot more likely to feel sexy than the outfit that requires you to stand a certain way and never sit down in order for it to look good or be comfortable.

Dressing for Undressing

Remember that there is a really good chance that you will be taking this outfit off at some point. This is why you don’t need to wear something with a bunch of buttons, string or zippers. You will find that when you wear something that can easily be taken on and off that you and your partner will appreciate it. It will be embarrassing and the opposite of sexy whenever you find yourself stuck in your outfit at a swinger’s party.

Is There a Rule Book for Swinging?

A lot of people wonder if there is a rule book for swinging. Really, it all comes down to things that you learn as you go. It is very common for swingers that are new to the game to get overwhelmed by the possibilities and the different options that they have laid out in front of them. You will need to just remember a few different things about swinging and you won’t need any kind of rule book to have a good time.

Being Respectful

It is important that you are respectful to your other swingers. This is something that is going to help you to make a lot of friends. You should always be considerate of their feelings and try to be respectful of their wishes. This will help them to be more respectful and considerate of your feelings and wishes. When it comes to swinging, the rule of treating others how you want to be treated is just as relevant.

Being Safe

It is such a good idea for you to make sure that you are safe whenever you are swinging. This is something that is going to help keep you out of trouble health wise. Always have condoms on hand. Even if you know that there will be condoms where you are and regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Condoms are the most important part of swinging.

Having Fun

Remember that swinging is all about having fun. If at any time you stop having fun or if you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to leave.

Could You Have a Swingers Lifestyle?

A lot of people find themselves wondering if they could have a swinger’s lifestyle. This is something that a lot of people find that they cannot do. While there are some that absolutely love swinging you should know that it is not for everybody. There are a lot of people that are not able to handle the feelings that they have to fight and worrying about their sex life becoming too much for them. Here are a few things to think about whenever you are considering whether or not you could handle the swinger lifestyle.

Dealing with Jealousy

Jealousy is a very common feeling that must be fought whenever you are a swinger. You will find that there are a lot of different types of swingers out there. A lot of swingers will be in relationships with other swingers. You must be okay with your lover having sex with other people on a regular basis. You cannot allow jealousy to get in the way.

Being Safe

Being safe is something that is so important. STDs are more common among swingers than they are among prostitutes. You cannot get too comfortable with a swinger. You must always use protection and be aware of the risk that you are taking whenever you have sex with a new swinger.

Meeting New Swingers

Meeting new swingers is something that you will probably want to do on a regular basis. Swinging is all about networking. If you are not good at meeting new people or networking, then swinging will probably not work for you.

Tutorial into Swinging

When it comes to a tutorial into swinging you will find that there are a lot of things that you will have to learn. A lot of different people that are interested in swinging will find themselves often overwhelmed or confused about how they can get into swinging. It can be difficult at first but as soon as you are able to get your foot in the door you will be able to figure out where it is that you belong on the swinger scene. Start slow and don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed are the first two pieces of advice that you should always follow. Here are a few more.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging clubs are a great way for you to meet a lot of different swingers at once. There will be clubs that will have themed nights if you have a particular fetish or interest in the swinger scene. You will also be able to find nights at swinger clubs that are just for people that are new to swinging. This is a great way for you to be able to get started properly.

Swinger Meetings

Swinger meetings are often a lot more intimate than a club. They are usually held at the home of a swinger. The host will invite people that they know and will allow them to bring people that they know as well. This is something that you can try to get an invite to once you have met a few different swingers. Go online and try to meet some swingers so that you can start networking.

Acting Appropriately In a Swingers Club

There are a lot of things that you should know about when it comes to acting appropriately in a swingers club. This is something that can end up getting you into a lot of trouble if you are not able to follow the rules. The clubs are very strict with the type of behavior that they do and don’t allow. If you feel that you are going to have trouble with any rules in a swinger club, then you may want to consider not going at all. Acting appropriately is something that is demanded out of every patron at the club.

Reading the Rules

Whenever you are looking for clubs in your area you will find that each of their websites will supply you with a list of their rules. This will help you stay out of trouble. Make sure that you read all of the rules and that you take the time to remember them. This is something that is going to be required out of you whenever you go to this particular club. There are probably going to be a lot of rules with each and every club that you go to. You must know them all and follow them strictly.

Being Considerate

Most of the rules are not too difficult to follow. It all comes down to be considerate and respectful of your fellow swingers. Don’t pressure somebody or try to make them swing with you if they do not want to. There are plenty of swingers there for you to sleep with.